There’s something unique and delightful about enjoying a leisurely Sunday brunch in the heart of Athens. The city, known for its rich history and culture, offers a wide variety of brunch spots for locals and visitors. Wander arround the picturesque streets of the city, while feeling the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and baked goods through the air. Among Athens neighborhoods, Psirri stands out as a vibrant hub, with a trully traditional charm with modern flair. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey through two of the best brunch spots in Psirri that have captured the hearts of food enthusiasts. So, if you’re wondering where to find the best brunch in Athens, look no further. Let’s check Picky Specialty Coffee & Brunch and Usurum Gastrobar, and discover why these spots are perfect for your next Sunday brunch adventure.

Picky Specialty coffee & brunch Athens

A new hangout for lovers of the picturesque city center has opened and is waiting for you to enjoy your Sunday brunch in Athens. Picky Specialty coffee & brunch is located in the beloved neighborhood of Psirri and won the love of the city’s food enthusiasts. Picky has a beautiful, green shaded paved courtyard with wooden tables.where you can enjoy Taf’s premium cold brew, a quality slow-distilled coffee, as well as Picky’s exclusive blend with strong body and subtle balance. You can also choose among a large variety of single origin coffees from all over the world, from countries like Colombia, Brazil and Guatemala. At the juice bar you will find freshly squeezed juices with fruits and vegetables, with amazing combinations to get all the energy you need. Carrot, orange, green apple, lemon, orange and ginger are just some of the vegan ringredients that we use to create the most healthy drinks for you.

You can combine your drink or your coffee with a delicious brunch. In the brunch menu you will find creative combinations of flavors and rich options, such as handmade apple pie, freshly baked cakes, pancakes with peanut butter and “Banana Picky” with caramelized milk and nuts. Also in Picky you can taste our unique wraps, made from fresh ingredients, such as smoked salmon, arugula, cream cheese and pickled ginger. You can also choose between recipes based on the Mediterranean diet, such as the “kayanas”, or more gourmet options such as the “Open Smashed Avocado”, with avocado mousse, poached egg, pumpkin seeds and spinach, on wholemeal bread. Finally, you can taste our energizing bowls with amazing flavors such as “Chocolate Protein” with granola, or if you’re in the mood for something sweet, don’t forget to try the irresistible tiramisu pancake, layered with cocoa, mascarpone cream and coffee syrup.

Between the picturesque narrow streets of busy Athens, time stands still. Take a break from the fast pace of everyday life in a space surrounded by relaxation and greenery. Give yourself the opportunity to wander and enjoy every flavor note that with great love and care exists in every dish. With options, for those looking for both sweet and salty flavors and for those looking for a healthy option that will give them a morning boost.

Usurum Gastrobar

The neighborhood of Psyrri in Athens has a special charm, combining the traditional architecture with the modern way of life. Once known for its workshops and crafts, today the area has transformed into a cultural hub. Its narrow streets are full of artistic graffiti, trendy cafes, traditional taverns and bars, offering a unique atmosphere day and night. Historic architecture coexists harmoniously with new creative trends, making Psirri one of the most beloved destinations for locals and visitors. Searching its picturesque alleys, we were lucky enough to discover one of its most beautiful bruncheries. The special ethnic style and the cool courtyard of usurum brunch and cocktails immediately convinced us to get to know it better.

The space is decorated with handmade wooden tables and elegant details, creating an oasis of relaxation in the center of the city. If you love coffee, good food or fine drinks, usurum is undoubtedly the perfect choice and rightly holds its reputation as the best Sunday brunch in Athens. With a wide variety of savory dishes, such as eggs benedict and croque madame, as well as sweets such as pancakes with blueberries and French toast, it is definitely a taste journey that no one should miss.

The menu is inspired by the Mediterranean diet, therefore the high quality ingredients and the great nutritional value give their dishes not only pleasure but also energy for the rest of the day. Usurum’s philosophy focuses on small pleasures that can brighten up our busy everyday lives. With options for all tastes such as vegan sandwiches, nutritious smoothies and healthy bowls, everyone can take a break and relax in a magical courtyard, feeling like they are on vacations. Open from 08:00 in the morning until late at night, Usurum is also an ideal choice for afternoon or evening visits. With a multitude of imaginative cocktails and delicious drinks, everyone can eliminate the stress of the day with their their friends.